Made Here: Curating Mindanaoan Products via the JCI Yllana Pop-up

Discover proudly Mindanao products through our fundraising program “The JCI Yllana Pop-up,” where we feature locally-made products by Mindanaoan people, homegrown brands, and local businesses.

View the entire collection via our Facebook Shop at or in the Shop tab in this website.

Currently available are earrings and bangles from the Yakan people of Basilan and Subanen people of Zamboa

nga del Sur, JCIP’s crowd favorite cookies from Buena Preciosa Cucina, and coffee beans and blends from Buntod Towns.

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to collaborate? Send us an email at or message us via Facebook @yllanamermaids.

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JCI Yllana

We are an organization of women aged 18-40 who seek to create positive change by providing development opportunities and empowering each other in becoming active citizens.


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