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Birthing a pearl—a highly valued gem and the only one to come from a living creature—is a fascinating process. What starts out as a foreign object (irritant), such as sand or a little parasite, gets coated with a secretion of calcium carbonate crystals as the oyster reacts to protect itself. As long as the irritant remains inside the shell, the oyster continues to add layers of crystals resulting to a growing pearl.

This is pretty much how The Oyster BLOC (Bulletin + LO Calendar) and the many channels under this integrated marketing and communications program came to be. JCI Yllana has always been in touch with the needs of our community and the demands of the times. As such, we continue to find ways to service more people and initiate sustainable solutions—beginning with effective communication.

The Oyster BLOC, in line with JCI’s mission and vision, exists to inform and educate, to bring attention to community concerns, to build solid partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders, and to inspire active citizenship and positive change through its projects and publications.

As JCI Yllana responds to the challenges presented by the pandemic, The Oyster BLOC also adapts and explores avenues to still fulfill its purpose. This includes shifting LO projects online, strengthening our social media presence, launching our livestream, and utilizing various technologies and platforms to disseminate information and bring people together during this trying time.

I wish we were launching this website, as well as the other components of The Oyster BLOC, under less distressing circumstances. But, like actual oysters, it is when we step up to difficulty and continue to build on our ideas that we produce brilliant and priceless gems.

Stay safe, healthy, and afloat.


JCI Yllana

We are an organization of women aged 18-40 who seek to create positive change by providing development opportunities and empowering each other in becoming active citizens.


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